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 I currently use Skype video calling for appointments (  Skype is free (, if you have a free Skype name.  During our appointment, I offer a variety of services based upon the individual needs of the students.  They include:

  1. I have pictures stories that I show you and have you tell a story about the picture.  I correct grammar and teach you new vocabulary.  Every picture story is designed to target different vocabulary and English verb tenses. This technique is very helpful for improving fluency.
  2. Systematic academic English instruction using lessons I have created using free documentaries that can be found on the Internet with transcripts. For more information, click here.
  3. Prepare for a job interview in English
  4. Prepare for a presentation in English – including scientific and business presentations
  5. Document review for correct grammar and clarity of meaning – including scientific abstracts and reports and business correspondence.

The lessons I provide are systematic and are for very serious English Language Learners.  The lessons are designed to improve your formal English proficiency, yet are fun and interesting.  Most of my students are using these lessons to prepare them to be able to use English for business and academics.


Posted July 4, 2011 by laurieflood

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