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Online Dictionary:  Word –

Listening and Reading Practice –

English Language Teaching Family –

ELT Family has a really great website full of pictures with the word in English underneath.   This is really great for improving your vocabulary, if you pair it with making sentences about the objects in the pictures.  They also have a Google Plus page that you can follow in order to see the new lessons.  There are mini lessons posted several times a week!

ELT Family Google feed –

On the picture at the top of the ELT Family Google feed, just click on “Follow”  in order to have it be a part of your Google Plus feed.

Learning English – BBC Learning English

News Written and Spoken for Students and English Language Learners – CNN Student News – Has video and a transcript!

An absolutely great website that teaches grammar with graphical organizers, stories, explanations, and learning games –


I can’t recommend this site more highly. Check it out…

A full English verb tutorial online –

A verb + preposition dictionary online –

Online reading comprehension and grammar exercises for all levels of English Language Learners with answers –

Possibly a good grammar manual for beginning and intermediate students –

Basic English Usage by Michael Swan –

Same author, but for advanced students who want a grammar reference –

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan –

Good Documentary Shows to Improve Your Academic English –

All Levels –

Advanced Level – 

These are all US history only, but they do have transcripts. I am still looking for a good site with world history videos and transcripts.

To find full episodes, just click on your preferred category on the left of the page: ancient worlds, body and brain, evolution, military +espionage, nature, physics + math, planet Earth, space + flight, or tech + engineering.   Once you have clicked on one of those pages, you will find a link on the left as you scroll down for full episodes.  The full episodes appear to have transcripts at the bottom!

“The Ascent of Money” (4 hours of videos, no transcript) –

“Secrets of Making Money” (Nova – transcript only, maybe video is on You Tube?) –

Intermediate Level –

Beginner or Low Intermediate Level –

Cool Japan is good, because there is information explained in both English and Japanese. It does not have transcripts, but it is all about Japanese culture, so you can likely understand from watching the video.

  • If you listen at a lower level (beginner) and find these too hard to understand, try PBS Kids.  They do not have a separate site, but many videos can be found by searching for PBS Kids on You Tube.  Some of these videos teach academic language.  In just a quick scan of what was currently available on the first page of my search, I found videos on Halloween, making mulch, science experiments, measurement (It is a different system in America!), and about electrical blackouts.

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