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Here are some recommendations by other students I have taught:

Hi, Laurie. Sorry about sending you late.

I’m not sure if you have already know, but I am accepted to the Master of Marketing at the University of Sydney. The selection was so competitive because they only accept 30 students for both domestic and international students. Nevertheless, I could pass it. I think that I owe it all to you, Laurie, because your lesson using NOVA was so effective for me. Today, an intensive Academic English course for the Sydney Uni’s student started. The first task was to read 40 pages regarding ODA for Africa. The topic is unfamiliar for me, however, I could read and understand within the time frame.

Regrettably, it might be hard for me to have a lesson with you for a while since I have to be accustomed with the Uni. But after I am accustomed with the situation, I would love to have a lesson with you.


From A.S.,

I have been taking teacher Laurie's lessons twice a week since last autumn. She 
has her original study materials like pictures for describing scenes, vocabulary 
lists and usage examples for sentence structure exercises and so on. We have 
lessons with documentary videos recently. She makes students study materials 
from the transcripts of the videos and encourages using new expressions. We have 
talked about Stonehenge, Vikings and so on, and I have learned a lot of 
expressions which can be used both in casual conversation and in discussion. I 
have wanted to be able to speak accurately about complex topics, so her lessons 
have been great help for me and what's more, very interesting. I really 
appreciate her thorough preparation for lessons and her enthusiasm for teaching. 
I strongly recommend her lesson.


J.M. – Gave the lesson a 5 star rating and said:

“She has a lot of experience, and she uses it to accurately evaluate you and tell you what to work on and how to do it.”

A.M. – Gave the lesson a 5 star rating

H.T. – Gave the lesson a 5 star rating and said:

“very nice teacher!”

N.P. – Gave the lesson a 5 star rating

N.C. – Gave the lesson a 5 star rating and said:

“Laurie is very nice, helpful and professional. I like working with her.”

M.S. – Gave the lesson a 5 star rating

From K.M. in Skype chat box after lesson: 

Thank you for your lesson.
[6/19/2014 2:56:24 PM] K.M.: Your lesson is great!!!!!!!!!


Posted February 7, 2013 by laurieflood

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