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I encourage all of my students to read books and other media at their level in English.  This is a research-based means of increasing your English language proficiency.  I have always provided my new students with a list of books that are interesting and engaging for adults, but at their current reading level in English, at the end of their first appointment.  This is an easy and enjoyable way to learn new vocabulary and improve your usage (when paired with speaking practice as well).

I just found a product that is free that you can use with your tablet pc, laptop, or computer that allows you to pick an article in English on the web, or even a full e-book and click on a simple browser extension that allows you to click on words you don’t know.  It will not only translate the words into English, but it will also save the words you do not know and quiz you on them each day until you have learned the new words.

There are already articles saved on the  website for this browser extension in English as practice (the link is below).  I highly recommend this type of easy and fun language learning.  It is easy to do this daily.  I would also recommend that students summarize what they have read (spoken summarization) the day they read the article and the next day or so as well.

The browser extension is called Readlang and is free, unless you want it to translate many phrases each day.  It will translate an unlimited number of words each day.

Since I am learning Spanish, I was wondering if a native Spanish speaker could recommend articles to me in Spanish that are written at about a 5th grade level, but that are interesting for adults to read.


Posted January 21, 2014 by laurieflood

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