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Your goal should not be to try to have a perfect accent, like a native English speaker.  Your goal is to be able to be understood by native English speakers.  What can you do to reach that level?

  • Read something you are reading in English aloud (out loud).
  • Those of you that have Weekly Reader lessons can use that “Text-to-Talk” button.  Have one paragraph at a time read to you, then try to read it back, imitating the pronunciation.  Those of you with VOA lessons can do something very similar.  Students who are working on pictures can take an early intermediate level English language learning podcast and have the speaker say only a few sentences at a time.  Repeat the sentences, trying to sound like the speaker.
  • Pay attention to the stress on English words (where you place the accent).  Example:  garAGE.
  • Watch yourself in a mirror and try to move your mouth like the native English speakers do.
  • You can also record yourself to see how you sound to compared to the how the speaker in the Weekly Reader or VOA lesson sounds.



Posted April 30, 2013 by laurieflood

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