Mind Mapping to Help Learn Vocabulary and Concepts   Leave a comment

This tip is for anyone, but will most help those of you having reading and documentary appointments with me. While you are reading (or when you are looking at the transcript or video), try to write down the seven to nine most helpful words that you did not know the meaning of. If you are reading, you can jot down the word and a quick definition when I give it to you in the appointment when we look at the new words ahead. Then, you can either create a linear (in a line) or circular (in a circle) mind map that explains in really brief notes and pictures in English what you read or saw. Try to make a picture that represents each new word also. Even if you are bad at drawing pictures, the pictures will help your mind remember the new words and how they relate to the story. You can also make these notes on the computer and add pictures you find online to represent the words (Google the new word + picture) You can take this paper with you anywhere you are not doing anything important and have a moment to think – standing in line at the store, on the train to work, etc. – and look over the paper as you try to summarize what you read or saw using the new vocabulary. I know that some of my students who do the reading have had less time for appointments. This way, you can keep practicing anywhere you have a free moment.  Here is a sample of mind mapping that is about memory tips:  Mind Mapping Example of Memory Tips Mind Mapped


Posted July 8, 2012 by laurieflood

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