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All of the documentary lessons use free and interesting documentaries on the Internet that have transcripts. Each documentary has a pre- and post-viewing lesson in order to systematically help you learn academic English for business and universities, as well as prepare you for English proficiency tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, TOIC, and Aiken. I have created lessons for both  intermediate and advanced English students.  There are currently 6 levels of lessons, based upon the proficiency level of each student.

There is a pre-viewing lesson. All of the lessons that prepare you for viewing, whether for intermediate or advanced students, include:

  • Vocabulary instruction with word parts,
  • Preview questions to help you build an idea about what you are about to hear or watch and build background knowledge of the topic,
  • Interesting resources to stimulate interest in the topic,
  • Work with the types of sentences structures used in the video.

The lessons are designed to have interesting 15 to 20 minute audios or videos from either Weekly Reader, VOA, or Nova that you watch on your own between lessons. All of these lessons have the full video or audio transcript.

In the lesson after the video, I will:

  • Have you summarize the video,
  • Provide questions to stimulate discussion and use of the new vocabulary.

Of course, in all lessons, I will correct usage, grammar, and pronunciation.

These lessons are a systematic way to learn academic English in the same manner that the picture lessons provide a systematic way to learn common English vocabulary and how to use the verb tenses.  Students find the topics of the documentaries and the related resources I provide interesting and enjoyable.


Posted July 18, 2012 by laurieflood

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