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Starry Sky

We Give Books has a free, new ebook, Starry Sky (, that is suitable for Levels 3 and 4.  Not everyone likes fiction, so this is a non-fiction book that is about astronomy.  I always love the DK books, because they are full of rich illustrations.  These will help you derive meaning from words without having to look everything up (remembering, of course, to use word parts to help you as well).  As always, with the free ebooks on We Give Books, you do have to join, but there is never a cost or any spam.  They will just send you notifications for other free ebooks!!! Highly recommended.

Another free ebook suitable for Levels 3 and 4 is about children’s book author Wanda Gag:

Wanda Gag: The Girl Who Lived to Draw book cover

The Wanda Gag book is my personal favorite of all of these books.

Another free ebook on We Give Books is about the famous sculptor Alexander Caldor:

Sandy's Circus book cover

It is suitable for Levels 2 through 4.  The link is here:

For those of you at Level 2 and beginners, they have these new, free ebooks:

If you want to learn words about how we move our bodies, this book is good:

You Are A Lion! book cover

It shows a few yoga postures and has great illustrations, so you learn the new words:

Another good beginner book is Belinda Begins Ballet:

Belinda Begins Ballet book cover

Here is a book for those who love baseball:

The Unforgettable Season book cover

This is about the 1941 Major League Baseball season in which Joe Dimaggio got a hit in 56 straight games and Ted Williams batted almost .400 for the season.  These are records that stand to this day in the United States.  Sadly, I could not open this one, because the flash player kept failing to work properly, so I can’t say what the level might be.

Here is one for low beginners:

Camping Day book cover

This one is just pure fun, and that is what learning English should be.


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