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A while back, I gave quite a few resources for serious virtual tours, such as the White House and the Statue of Liberty. My first set of offerings are from the National Park Service.  There are some really great videos for all National Parks in the United States.  For example, this is a great video on Yosemite National Park:

Here is the link for all of the Yosemite video collection:

The thing I really like about the Yosemite videos for my students is the fact that the speaker, at least in the first video, is using slow, formal English.  I think that my students will be able to follow much of what the speaker is saying.  It is great listening practice.


View of Ahwahnee Meadow

My second offering is a set of funny virtual tours, but with a serious academic purpose of teaching about different locations in the United States.  It has been created by Jim Henson, the man behind the famous Muppets.  It is clearly not for everyone and may be too hard to follow.  The animated creatures go to different settings in the U.S., but speak with strange voices and probably a bit too quickly.  This may be one to try, but may not work for my students.  I would love to hear some feedback about how well this works for you.

After two free views, you will be prompted to sign up for a free PBS Learning account, but they are the public broadcasting service in the United States.  They will not spam you, and you will be notified of new learning resources.  I am interested in hearing how well this works for my students.

Tucson, Arizona


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