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I recently received an email from Pearson Publishing’s We Give Books website.  All of their books are absolutely free to read online, and the site is meant to encourage reading, so I believe it is okay for me to copy and paste their email here.  They have a few new, absolutely free, ebooks to read that are suitable for Levels 2, 3, and 4.  They are beautifully illustrated and make learning English fun.  You only need to register to view the books; they are free to view and read.

I highly recommend the book about the girl who wants to dance and the boy who loves to play soccer.  They are incredible stories that are based upon true events in the United States and South Africa.  Highly recommended!

The first two are suitable for Level 2.  “Hide and Seek Animals” is really great for anyone who wants to learn the English names for animals, birds, insects, and sea life.

I imagine that, being ebooks, they will work really well in your Readlang reader, so you can look up and save the new vocabulary to practice later.


New Books

Hide and Seek Animals

Hide and Seek Animals

Everybody loves hide and seek, and little ones will delight in finding all the things that are hiding in the illustrations of this engaging picture book. Hide and Seek Animals is packed with amazing animals to find in stunning habitat spreads and imaginative scenes. Children can search for their favorite pets, farm animals, wild animals, sea life, birds, reptiles, dinosaurs, baby animals, and more. They will learn not only about animal groups, but also about their environments.

Slinky, Scaly Snakes

Slinky, Scaly Snakes

Slither, slither, hiss, hiss! Stunning photographs are combined with lively illustrations and engaging stories in this Level 2 DK Reader, perfect for children who are beginning to read alone. Learn all about the silent, stealthy, sibilant world of snakes in Slinky, Scaly Snakes!

A Dance Like Starlight

A Dance Like Starlight

Little ballerinas have big dreams in A Dance Like Starlight. Dreams of pirouettes and grands jetés, dreams of attending the best ballet schools and of dancing starring roles on stage. But in Harlem in the 1950s, dreams don’t always come true – they take a lot of work and a lot of hope. And sometimes hope is hard to come by. Yet the first African-American prima ballerina, Janet Collins, did make her dreams come true. And those dreams inspired ballerinas everywhere.

The Soccer Fence

The Soccer Fence

As a boy, Hector loved playing soccer in his small Johannesburg township. He dreamed of playing on a real pitch with the boys from another part of the city, but apartheid made that impossible. Then, in 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and apartheid began to crumble. The march toward freedom in South Africa was a slow one, but when the beloved Bafana Bafana national soccer team won the African Cup of Nations, Hector realized that dreams once impossible could now come true. The Soccer Fence is a poignant story of friendship that artfully depicts a brief but critical moment in South Africa’s history and the unique role that sports can play in bringing people together.

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