Updated Recommended Book Lists for English Language Learners   Leave a comment

Hello, everyone! I have recently provided a list with some more books for English Language Learners #ESL #EnglishasaSecondLanguage #ESOL at a variety of reading levels here, but I was able to find two other good sources of books. I ended up with quite a few more books at all but the very highest level of proficiency (9 and above). If you are one of my current students, I can give you an updated copy of the book list at your reading level during our appointment.

Some of you have never had an appointment with me. If you would like to have your reading in English tested in an easy and relaxing manner and get a list of recommended books at your reading level in English, you can book an appointment with me via Google Helpouts: https://helpouts.google.com/100797727899452785350/ls/accdd2afb6e7bcb5

Here is a video that shows more of the variety of Google Helpouts being offered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-VFC9AQM1k


4 Newbury Books


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