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I found a sets of podcasts with transcripts on a Swiss website that go back to 2008.  The English version is called Gerry’s Diary: http://www.podclub.ch/index.php/sendungen/gerry-s-diary-englishgerrysdiary

In the diary, Gerry talks about the differences between life in Wales and Switzerland.  It seems he tries to touch on three different topics each time.  I like these, because they have the audio, the transcript, and the more difficult words defined at the bottom of the page (and numbered!).  I am working on the Spanish version.

Although you cannot synch the audio to the transcript, like you can a You Tube video, this is a great set of podcasts to put in your Readlang library, or share with others on the entire Readlang website (Once it is in your Readlang library, you can share it on all of Readlang with a push of a buttion).  So, if you are looking for something interesting to read and listen to with Readlang and then practice the new vocabulary you learned with Readlang’s eflashcard capabilities, this is a really good choice.  As I write this, there are over 130 podcasts with transcripts, and Gerry seems to add new content about twice a month.


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