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My ongoing students have all taken a brief and easy reading test and have a list of books at their current reading level in English.  Reading at your English proficiency level is a great means of increasing your vocabulary and will tremendously improve your English usage.

For those of you who have not taken a reading test or had a lesson with me, I will be conducting a Hangout on Air Event in the near future and will give out 10  new students coupons for $15 off of your first Google Helpouts English lesson with me.  When you set your first lesson with me, I will end the lesson with your reading level equivalent in English and a plan of action for our lessons.  Then, I will show you a few interesting books at your current English proficiency level and send you a list of interesting books at your current reading level in English within 48 hours.

For my current students, here are a few new titles you can add to your list, based upon your reading level:

RL 2 –

 Who Cracked the Liberty Bell? And Other Questions About the American Revolution by Peter and Conny Roop (Scholastic, 2007). This is a small, easy read that has some fun historical trivia about the American Revolution.

 RL 3 –

 Junior Classics for Young Readers – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Dalmatian Press, 2011). This is the adapted, easier to read, version of the famous Lewis Carroll tale.

 RL 4 –

 Abraham Lincoln by George Sullivan. This biography is more intimate, because it is information taken from Lincoln’s own life and speeches.

 Level 5 –

 The Contest: Everest #1, 2, and 3 by Gordon Korman (Scholastic, 2002). A story about a team of climbers climbing Mount Everest, but one will not return.

 The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Cushman (Harper Trophy, 1996). A story about a girl whose family has moved to California during the Gold Rush, but she longs to return to the East Coast. 5 – 6

 Taking Sides by Gary Soto (Harcourt, 1991). The story of a Mexican-American boy who used to live in the barrio, but whose family has moved to a wealthy suburb. He has to play basketball against his former teammates from the barrio.

 Non-Fiction –

 True Stories of Great Escapes of World War II by George Sullivan. Here are the true stories of seven daring escapes by prisoners of war during World War II: Bill Fowler’s escape from Colditz Castle, the “escape-proof” German fortress. Siegfried Lederer’s escape from Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp. The incredible tunnel escape by dozens of Allied prisoners from Stalag Luft III that became known as The Great Escape. Plus four more stories of people who displayed great courage and stamina to overcome the iron bars, armed guards, and barbed wire that held them.

 RL 8 –

 True Stories of the First World War by Paul Dowswell. Today, almost a century after it was fought, the First World War still haunts us. With its aircraft, submarines, machine guns and tanks, it was the first modern war. But the generals who fought it came from an age of cavalry charges and dashing red uniforms. The result was slaughter on a massive scale, making it one of the most troubling wars in history.

Enjoy a good read!


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