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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Talk, Say, Speak, Tell –

Those four words can be very confusing to remember which to say in which situation.  I have a good link to a write-up here on “talk,” “say,” “speak,” and “tell”:

When you think you have understood that lesson, here is a set of exercises you can try in order to see how well you understood:

If there are a few you did not get correct and want to ask me why during our appointment, please feel free.

The thing that I notice is that students tend to say, “I need to tell you a question.”

Can you see what is wrong with that question?  Think for a moment before you look at the answer.

Yes, they should have said, “I need to ask you a question.”

The word, “tell” is for statements or directives.  The word “ask” is the appropriate one when someone needs to ask a question.  It is best to just practice the phrase, “ask a question.”  For practice, every time today you need to ask someone a question, take a moment to think in English, “I need to ask (person) a question.”  This will give you the practice to say it correctly each time.


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