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Hello, everyone!

With everything going on, and our first snow at this elevation, I am just going to give a mini tip about something I am hearing quite a bit of:

I hear my students use the word children, whether they mean 1 or 101.  This is not correct.  “Children,” as you all know, is plural (more than one).  What is the word you need to say for just one?

Yes, you need to say, “child.”  The problem is almost always that I hear students say “children” when they mean just one.

The only thing I would add is that saying “kids” is more informal, and not really appropriate in the business setting.  Please say “child” for one and “children” for two or more.

The best way to practice is to notice the children you see today and try to make a sentence in English each time, describing what you are seeing.



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