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Hello, everyone!

I have a tip and an announcement:

The announcement is that I have made changes in my opening hours.  This weekend, we set our clocks back one hour in the United States.  I just today made one more change: I had to remove two hours very early on your Saturday.  They were not really popular, because most people do not like to get up that early on their weekend, and I have a regular commitment now at that time.  I doubt most of you will miss these two hours.

Tip of the Week: Choose Versus Choice –

Often students confuse these two words.  Let’s see how you do with this sentence:

Since I have changed my opening hours, you may need to (choose/choice) a different time.

Which one is correct?


Since I have changed my opening hours, you may need to “choose” a different time.

Why is it correct?

Look carefully at the sentence.  Do you need a noun or a verb here?

You need a verb.  “Choose” is a verb.

“Choice” is a noun.  I had to make a “choice” about what hours in my schedule to add and which to cut, based upon the available hours of daylight and the hours my students are awake.

Let’s try a few, but don’t forget to conjugate verbs or make a noun plural when you need to:

1) She could (choose, choice) to go to play tennis or go on  a hike.

2) They let their child make the (choose, choice) about whether to go to Disneyland or to the movies for her birthday.

3) I do not like the current (choice, choose) in tablet computers, because they are all very limited in their ability.

4) I (choice, choose) one, but it is not working properly.  I need to return it.


1) choose – verb

2) choice – noun

3) choices – plural noun (Make sure we can hear that “s” when you say it!)

4) chose – verb in the past tense (irregular verb!)

Use “choose” when you need a verb and “choice” when you need a noun.  Try this during the day:
Every time you have to make a (choose or choice?), try to ask yourself a question in English and create two sentences, one with “choose” and one with “choice.”  Do this for a few days, and you will begin to feel very comfortable with these two words.

Answer to last question: choice – noun.


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