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Hello Everyone!

I have added a new page on the blog that gives tips on pronunciation:

Also, for this week’s tip of the week, I have a very important message:

“Back” is not a verb!

Many students make sentences like this:

We will back home at 7 PM.

Can you see the problem in this sentence?Take a look at it before you read on…

You see how it is missing a verb?  Many of you are using the word “back” as though it is a verb.  This is not a verb at all!  “Back” is a noun when it means a part of your body, or it can be an adjective (describes a noun) or an adverb (describes a verb), but it is not a verb.

Before you read on, try to correct the sentence above…

We will go back home at 7 PM.

“Go” is a verb.  “Back” is an adverb telling us where you are going.

One last point:

The corrected sentence above is an acceptable English sentence, but most of you are learning English for business, so you want to speak in more formal English.  A better sentence would be:

We will return home at 7 PM.

As in Japanese, English has a more formal way of speaking, such as at work or school, and a more informal way of speaking, like with family members.  It is important to speak in the more formal “register” at work or at school.


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