Hear Versus Listen + A New Year’s Resolution for Learning English   1 comment

Hello, everyone! The tip of the week is stated really well on the following website:

Hear Versus Listen


As you can see, it is very similar to the differences between watch, look, and see.

I would also like to make a very important suggestion:

One of the best things the vast majority of my students can do to improve their English is to speak slowly enough to make sure they are choosing the correct verb tense when they are speaking. It really is an important issue for an English speaker, and while you are continuing to speak, we are not able to fully continue to listen, because we are so busy trying to figure out when what you are trying to tell us about occurred. It really slows down communication and sometimes makes it impossible. Many listeners will not ask you any questions, because they do not want to embarrass you, but then your communication has not been understood.

If you start each sentence with a slight pause to think of the necessary verb tense, then say what you have to, you will much more likely be understood. People are usually very understanding of someone who needs to pause to put their thoughts together. If you get in the habit of doing this pause at the beginning of speaking in order to figure out the correct verb tense, you will soon not need it, because you will get better with quickly figuring out what verb tense to use. Some of my students are beginning to think about if they used the right verb tense after what they have already made the statement, but this is usually not a good strategy, because the other speaker may quickly answer you, giving you no time to consider if you have used the right verb tense.

My suggestion is to take a slow breath as you think of what verb tense you need to use. The other way is to get in the habit of saying, “Well…” very slowly as you think about the verb tense you need to say. You could do this as a New Year’s resolution. If you do this consistently, you will likely be automatically using the right verb tense long before the year has ended.


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  1. Hello, just wanted to mention, I liked this post. It was helpful.
    Keep on posting!

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