When to Use “Watch,” “Look,” or “See”   Leave a comment

For this week’s tip of the week, I would like to let you know that we use the words “watch,” “look,” and “see” depending upon what we are doing with our eyes. Many of my students are not able to use these verbs appropriately.

Look – To look at something for a reason, with an intention.
‘Look at the menu.’
‘Look at the pictures I took while I was on vacation.’

See -To ‘see’ something that comes into our sight that we weren’t looking for.
‘Did you see that bird? – I wasn’t looking for it; it just appeared.
‘I saw you walking your dog today.’

Watch – To look at something carefully, usually at something which is moving.
‘Watch TV’- the TV doesn’t move, but you watch the moving images carefully.
‘Watch a game of tennis.


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