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Hello everyone!

For my masters program, I am developing an assessment that is free of cultural bias for English Language Learners.  I need to test the assessment in order to see if it is accurate.
I am offering a free appointment to the first two or three students who would like to find out their English reading level.  I will give you a list of recommended books based upon your level that are suitable for English Language Learners.

This offer is for a very limited time and for just a few students, because I need to complete the testing before another week has passed (by the end of next week).

If you can refer me to a Japanese school child from ages 12 to 18 who can take the test (and has a headset with microphone for Skype) and will behave throughout the testing, I will give you a free appointment.  I need to try the test out with at least one child in that age range.  The child needs to speak English at least at an intermediate level, like you all do.

Please send me a Skype chat or email if you are interested along with the free time you see on my schedule that you would like to book the appointment.


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