Tip for Students Taking the TOIC, TOEFL, or IESLS Tests or Studying Business English   Leave a comment

Some of the most famous American researchers on students learning English as a second language remind teachers and students that it is important to learn both academic and social language.  Some students study for the TOIC listening portion by watching Friends or other American comedy or drama shows, but that will not help your TOIC score.  Television shows and movies such as this tend to use the most common 2,000 words in English 95% of the time and quite a bit of slang that may not be used in a few years.  They also do not help you with the kind of academic words found in these tests of English proficiency.  Instead, it is better to watch documentary shows on history, science, arts, and culture that are interesting to you.  I have put a list of suggestions in the reference section.


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